Pete Buttigieg

Below you will be able to see how Pete Buttigieg is doing across various polls related to the Democratic Party presidential primary. Much of this data is reliant on publicly accessible data from FiveThirtyEight. If you would like to see similar data for another candidate just search above.

Latest Poll

The chart to the right looks at the most recent poll conducted for the 2020 Democratic Party presidential primary. Note that this poll was conducted by Change Research on 2019-07-12.

Polling Over Time For Pete Buttigieg

The chart below shows how polling has varied for Pete Buttigieg over time. Our data goes back to the earliest polls back in late 2018. Note that if there were multiple polls conducted on the same day this chart takes the average, so it represents the average polling score across time. For convenience, we've highlighted when the first Democratic Debate, which was in late June 2019.

Early Primary Watch

The first three states to hold primaries are Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. The chart to the left shows what percent of the vote the top five candidates are getting across those crucial early states. Note that this is based on the latest poll in each state.

Polling In Popular Outlets

The chart to the right looks at the latest polls from some of the most popular outlets across the United States. Note that this uses each outlet's latest poll.

Does polling methodology matter?

Polls can be conducted in a variety of ways - stricly online, strictly on the phone, a combination of the two, etc. This chart looks at how a candidates poll ratings vary depending on the methodology of the poll.